DEVNET Associate (200-901 DEVASC) Online Training

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  • Keith Barker

  • Ben Finkel

  • Knox Hutchinson

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DEVNET Associate (200-901 DEVASC) Online Training

In this Cisco DevNet Associate exam course, trainers Keith Barker, Ben Finkel, and Knox Hutchinson cover the 200-901 DEVASC exam objectives. The 200-901 DEVASC is the one required exam to earn the DevNet Associate certification.

200-901 DEVASC: What You Need to Know

This DEVNET Associate training maps to the Cisco 200-901 DEVASC exam objectives, and covers topics including:

Who Should Take 200-901 DEVASC Training?

This DEVNET Associate training is considered associate-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for DevOps professionals. This 200-901 DEVASC course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with routing and switching and experienced DevOps professionals looking to validate their Cisco skills.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Welcome to Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (200-901)

3 mins1 videos

Software Development Practices for all IT Professionals

Entry 3 mins1 videos

Network Automation — Where Network and Software Come Together

Entry 3 mins1 videos

Prepare a VS Code Development Environment

Entry 42 mins7 videos

Basic Programming Control Flow

Entry 38 mins8 videos

Determine When to Use Design Patterns

Entry 22 mins5 videos

Getting Started with Git

Entry1 hr 8 mins9 videos

Collaborate with Git

Entry 35 mins6 videos

XML, JSON, and YAML Data Formats

55 mins11 videos

Parse Data Formats into Python Structures

Intermediate 30 mins6 videos

REST API Fundamentals

Entry 22 mins5 videos

REST API Requests and Responses

Intermediate 22 mins6 videos

Parameters and Payloads for REST APIs

Intermediate 19 mins5 videos

Authentication with HTTP and REST

Intermediate 26 mins6 videos

Use Postman for REST API Interaction

Intermediate 28 mins7 videos

Network Programmability and Automation Foundations

Entry 57 mins7 videos

Prepare a DevNet Study Environment

Entry 33 mins6 videos

Data Models and YANG

Intermediate 40 mins6 videos

Develop NETCONF Scripts for Cisco IOS-XE Devices

Entry 42 mins6 videos

Develop RESTCONF Scripts for Cisco IOS-XE

Entry 24 mins6 videos

Nexus Programmability with NX-API CLI

Entry 29 mins7 videos

Nexus Programmability with NX-API REST

Intermediate 34 mins6 videos

Real-World Nexus Automation for Real-World Network Engineers

Intermediate 26 mins7 videos

Automate Cisco Meraki Networks

Intermediate 25 mins6 videos

Automation with the Meraki Python SDK

Entry 21 mins6 videos

Automate the Data Center with ACI

Intermediate 42 mins8 videos

Easier ACI Automation with the Toolkit

Intermediate 23 mins6 videos

Automate the Campus with DNA Center Platform

Intermediate 35 mins6 videos

Easier DNA Center Automation with the SDK

Intermediate 18 mins6 videos

Automate Cisco Collaboration Platforms

Intermediate 28 mins6 videos

Automate Your Teamwork with Webex Teams

Entry 27 mins7 videos

Automate WAN Workloads with SD-WAN

Intermediate 18 mins6 videos

Automate the Cisco Security Platform

18 mins6 videos

Create Access Policies in FMC with Python

Entry 15 mins5 videos

Automate Cisco ASA Firewalls

Intermediate 17 mins6 videos

Automate Cisco Compute and More with UCS

Intermediate 29 mins6 videos

Automate Everything with NSO

Intermediate 27 mins6 videos

Automate Cisco Platforms with PowerShell

Intermediate 26 mins8 videos

Computing and Application Deployment Models

Entry 30 mins6 videos

Understand the Basics of Docker

Entry 35 mins7 videos

Describe the Components for a CI/CD Pipeline

Intermediate 21 mins5 videos

Secure Data in Your Applications

Entry 19 mins6 videos

Identify OWASP Standard Threats

Entry 18 mins6 videos

Understanding the Basics of Linux and Bash

Entry 33 mins7 videos

Identify the Principles of DevOps Practices

Intermediate 17 mins5 videos

Unit Tests and Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Entry 27 mins6 videos

Install and Configure Ansible

Entry 57 mins12 videos

Automate Your Entire Network with Ansible

Intermediate 53 mins10 videos

Describe How a Switch Performs Layer 2 Forwarding

Entry 32 mins7 videos

Describe How a Router Performs Layer 3 Forwarding

Entry 33 mins6 videos

Describe Transport Layer Functions and Protocols

Entry 20 mins5 videos

Describe Application Layer Functions and Protocols

Entry 36 mins7 videos

Interpret and Describe a Basic Network Topology

Entry 33 mins7 videos

Explain the Management, Control, and Data Planes

Entry 18 mins5 videos

Describe Network Elements that Impact Applications

Entry 20 mins5 videos
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