Subnetting: 10-Question Practice Exam
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Subnetting: 10-Question Practice Exam

Subnetting is a foundational skill that you'll find on the CCENT, CCNA, and even the Network+. Unlike the other five practice exams in this Gut Check Assessment series, subnetting isn't going away. Nine Cisco exams may be retiring, but subnetting is here to stay.

Try these 10 subnetting questions after you watch Keith Barker's subnetting training to see how you're doing with one of the most important skills you'll learn.

1. The process of subnetting refers to what?

  1. Stealing bits from the network portion of the address to create more sub networks
  2. Stealing bits from the subnet mask in order to create more sub networks
  3. Stealing bits from the host portion of the address to create more sub networks
  4. Stealing bits from the inverse mask in order to create more sub networks

Explanation: Subnetting is stealing bits from the host portion of the IP address in order to create more sub networks.


2. What is the correct binary representation of 41?

  1. 00010011
  2. 01101101
  3. 10010001
  4. 00101001

Correct Answer: d

Explanation: The subnet mask depicts the portion of the IP address that indicates the network from the portion of the address that indicates the host address on the network.


4. Which of the following statements about VLSM is incorrect?

  1. It is not possible to use a /31 bit mask in production
  2. When you use VLSM, you are taking an unused subnet and further subnetting it
  3. You can create subnets of just the right size with VLSM
  4. VLSM helps with summarization in networks

  1. A default route
  2. A static route
  3. A default gateway host route
  4. Any host route



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